Just like the old techniques
that come down from the head house

Andong Jongga Cultural Center Co., Ltd.

Introduction of
Andong Jongga Cultural Center.

Andong Jongga Cultural Center, established in October 2017, is a company that develops and produces products that contain the old techniques handed down from the head family using local agricultural products.

Andong Jongga Cultural Center specializes in Andong ginger.

Andong Jongga Cultural Center promotes the luxury and competitiveness of local agricultural products including Andong ginger. By realizing it, we are contributing to the improvement of the income of local farmers and vitalization of the local economy.

Let me introduce CI and BI of Andong Jongga Cultural Center.

안동종가문화원 CI

Introduction to CI of Andong Jongga Cultural Center

Andong Jongga Cultural Center, which studies beneficial food in Andong, a city of long-standing traditional culture and clean nature. We are making the right food straight after the tradition. Made based onKorean roof tiles The CI of Andong Jongga Cultural Center contains traditional values.

안동종가문화원 BI 이순자 안동생강

Introduction of Andong Jongga Cultural Center BI

The Andong Jongga Cultural Center’s representative, Sunja Lee, is a friendly figure holding ginger in a circular colander.

Andong Jongga Cultural Centers ethically producinggood products with agricultural products from Andong.

Introduction of
Andong Jongga Cultural Center’s products


Ginger extract made by squeezing Andong ginger

Product Capacity 250ml, 120ml


A liquid stick made using domestic pear, balloon flower, ginger, and jujube. 내용량 : Contents

Product Capacity 450g(10gX45EA), 150g(10gX15EA)


Fresh salt with a proper combination of domestic sun salt and ginger powder.

Product Capacity 120g

Gold Ginger EXTRACT

A product that emphasizes the deep taste of ginger by squeezing domestic ginger grown in Andong.

Product Capacity 500ml

Tantan Gold Strawberry EXTRACT

Sterilize sweet and sour, non-pesticide strawberries grown by yourself. Strawberry jeans made easy to store and drink.

Product Capacity 500ml

Andong ginger Fermentation Tea

Domestic Andong ginger fermented and dry soft and savory fermented ginger tea.

Product Capacity30g(3g X 10포)

Andong Jongga Cultural Center is confident.

We use Andong ginger that has passed a rigorous verification process, and we are constantly striving to produce delicious and healthy products with better ginger.

Andong Jongga Cultural Center Production Process

Step 1 Ginger cleaning

Clean Andong ginger.

Step 2 Ginger Grinding

Grind washed ginger.

Step 3 Ginger juice

Put crushed ginger into a cotton cloth and juice it

Step 4 1st ripening

ginger aging process(starch separation)

Step 5 2nd ripening

1st boiling by mixing the separated juice and sub-ingredients

Step 6 3rd ripening

decoction for a long time in a stirrer

Step 7 Filling operation

Filling the sterilized bottle with ginger juice that has been fermented for a long time.

Step 8 Bottle Disinfection

Finished after sterilizing the filled bottle once again

Andong Jongga Cultural Center
Certification Status

Business license

Small and Medium Business Confirmation

Designated as a regional preliminary social enterprise

Rural Convergence Industry Business Certificate

Female company confirmation

Natural detergent containing ginger and Manufacturing Method Patent

Lee Soon-ja Andong Ginger Trademark Registration Certificate

Designated as a special product and use of a trademark in Andong-si

Ginger products from
Andong Jongga Cultural Center are different like this.

The ginger product of Andong Jongga Cultural Center is a special product of Andong. Only local produce, Andong ginger. We are trying to produce high-quality products by carefully selecting and using them. Squeeze the ginger. By ironing products without chemical additives, the deep taste and aroma of ginger are produced. Preserve.

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